Opened from beginning of Jan to around end of March, the ice hotel ( Ice hotel website ) is in the outskirts of Quebec City, just a 30mins drive from the main Quebec City and is a wondrous hotel.

You can spend a night there and live like an Inuit for one night coz I think that’s the closest you will experience of being in an igloo or just take a day tour for a couple of hours and come back and spend the night in your cozy hotel rooms. The choice is yours. We chose the latter. Wanted to get a good nights sleep and stay warm before heading out for the winter carnival the next day. You can do the day tour by yourself without a guide.

For the day tour you have to go to the ticket counter to get the tickets which allows you to take an entire tour of the ice hotel, check out the various themed bed rooms and suits exquisitely decorated with intricate ice sculptures, the bar area, enjoy the ice slide and the wedding chapel. Whether you spend the night or not you can still enjoy the drinks in an ice glass in the bar. Extra payment for that of course. The day tour tickets are priced at a nominal price of around 16 Canadian dollars for adults and around half the price for children.


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For “spending the night” options kindly check out their website link provided above. Just for your information sake, if you choose to spend the night you will be briefed thoroughly by a guide on how to stay warm on the ice beds !! Haha !! Can’t imagine that though !! But overheard one of the guides there and she seemed to be talking sense when she was explaining it to a group of people who had come to spend the night. Apart from the ice beds being covered by a flannel guests are given sleeping bags to keep themselves warm. In case if you still want to ask, let me clear all doubts – no, there is no heating and for obvious reasons!! It’s the ice hotel people !! Lol!!

Quebec City in winters