The land of vibrant hot springs, mystical geysers, the best of the Wild West resting on a volatile volcanic caldera. Visit the worlds first national park while it still exists. It is a beauty not to be missed.

The moment we landed in Jackson Hole I felt like I was in a Clint Eastwood movie. The view of the Rockies from the flight just before landing was beyond words. The entire drive from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone crossing the Grand Teton on the way is an unique one. Starting from The Rocky Mountains rising majestically above the treeless grasslands teaming with bisons in a lock horn fight transitioning to the lush green forests with elks shyly grazing around and the snake river flowing peacefully was a wild west fantasy land.

Car rentals are available from the Jackson Hole airport but you need to book them in advance. While driving down from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone don’t forget to make stops for photo opportunities. It is one of those routes which you feel should never come to an end.

We had tried to book the old faithful inn which was fully booked 9 months prior to our travel date, so if you want a particular hotel it is advisable to book it at least one year in advance.

Our hotel was in West Yellowstone Best Western Weston inn  in the state of Montana. It was very close to the West Yellowstone entrance. Driving duration from Jackson Hole to West Yellowstone is around 2.5 to 3 hours. Choosing West Yellowstone as our base was convenient as all the major attractions were within 30 -45 mins drive and there were quite a few restaurants and souvenir shops close by.

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