There are plenty of time slots available for this tour so we booked this just one day in advance through The Juneau Whale Watch office is in the same building as the Adventure Bound office. As I sit down to write about this tour, it gives me goosebumps to relive the experience that we had in our whale watching tour. This was the most exhilarating travel experience in my life till date. We had taken the tour from Juneau Whale Watch and it was a combo tour for whale watching and the Mendenhall Glacier priced at around $130 inclusive of the bus rides to and from different points.

There was an arranged bus ride from Juneau downtown to the auke bay dock to board the whale watching vessel. This was a 2 hours tour. Our naturalist guide, Emily and captain Steve were waiting for us. The vessel looked like a brand new one, in excellent condition, comfortable seats with huge windows and binoculars for all. We could go out on the deck and the open air upper deck to have a better view. The guide was very knowledgable and gave us lots of interesting information about humpback whales as that was what we had gone to see.

The humpback whales in Juneau migrate thousands of kilometers to Hawaii in the winters and comeback to Juneau in the summers. They basically survive on krills and other small fish. They are well known for their special technique of bubble net feeding which is in laymen terms a group of humpbacks surfacing up to feed in a feeding frenzy. And that’s what I wanted to witness, and it was just a wish, a forlorn hope, which I never expected to materialize. When you go for whale watching tours what you commonly get to see are the tales and fins of the whales, seeing them breeching or bubble net feeding is a rare sight.

So after the initial phase of watching a few tales when the actual show of bubble net feeding started we were all ecstatic! And let me not get your hopes too high by mentioning how many times we saw the phenomenon, let’s just say we saw it so many times that we eventually lost count. Hahahahaha !! Yes and I am going a little bonkers thinking about it even now!
Before every time they surfaced we could hear them humming their sweet little whale song, that’s the way they communicate with each other. Truly it was like watching National Geographic in real life and was an unforgettable sight.
After this exceptional tour we headed back to the dock and boarded the bus again which took us to the Mendenhall Glacier.