We pre booked the Tracy arm fjord tour from Adventure Bound  as there are only two time slots in a day. It is a full day trip for 10 hours. So initially before booking this trip I was a little sceptical because of the duration. But now when I think of the experience that we had, I am so glad that we took this tour. It is priced at $160 usd plus taxes per person and $ 95 usd plus taxes for children, but trust me it’s worth it. The tour starts around 7:45 a.m and returns to Juneau at around 5:45 p.m. We had to reach the dock ( Marine Park ) 20 mins prior to the scheduled time. As mentioned above our hotel had a free shuttle service to downtown Juneau and the drop off point was the adventure bound office building, from where it was a 2 minutes walk to the dock.

The vessel has a capacity of around 50 passengers. The seats are comfortable with windows on both the sides. The captain who happened to be a young lady in a her 30s was excellent in her maneuvering skills and the crew comprising of a couple of young boys were truly welcoming, cheerful and humorous. They took such good care of everyone on board, engaging and talking to all passengers, were highly knowledgeable and were very enterprising. The vessel is centrally heated and lunch is served at a very nominal price which consists of sandwiches and cup noodles.

Adventure Bound swept us of our feet and took us to a dreamland of numerous breathtaking icebergs, wondrous wildlife, beautiful waterfalls and the awe inspiring South Sawyer Glacier. One of the icebergs, the biggest of the lot does deserves a special mention, as we all were spellbound by its grandeur. 70% of the route was filled with floating icebergs of different sizes and we were able to see a black bear, bald eagles and a few orcas and the cutest baby seal ever on a baby iceberg who was more at awe to see us than we were to see it. The expression on its face was ” why are looking at me like that people, haven’t you ever seen a baby seal”. Haha. The fjord is a beauty by itself and there was not a single dull moment in the whole trip.

The captain and the crew boys always made an announcement whenever they spotted anything special and stopped for a while which gave everyone a chance to got out on the deck to click some pictures and admire the marvellous surroundings.

After reaching the south sawyer glacier we waited there for around 40 mins or so expecting to see a calving which did not happen. Nevertheless we loved the splendid south sawyer glacier.

The whole day it was raining but believe me that did not spoil the fun a wee bit. Do get you warm waterproof jackets when you go for this tour or for that matter when you go to Juneau, because it rains most of the days there.