One of the hidden treasures of nature. Not many people outside the South American continent would have heard about these majestic falls which is aesthetically two tiered and stretches up to a mind boggling 2.7 km. It seems a little unfair why only Niagara and Victoria hit the popularity charts and not Iguacu.

It is recommended to see both the Brazilian and the Argentinian side of the falls. Missing out on either of them would be a matter of regret. Both sides has its advantages. We had booked the Pietro Angelo Hotel  in Brazil and had planned to take a day trip to the Argentinian side. It was a pretty decent hotel, had a free shuttle from the airport, clean modern rooms, huge breakfast spread, tour operator in the reception area to book tours for the Argentinian side, taxis were available within 2 mins whenever we wanted to book one, and lots of restaurants within walking distance. The falls on both the sides are located among lush green rain forests where wildlife, birds and butterflies are easy to spot.

Brazil side – Iguacu Falls

Argentinian side – Iguacu Falls