After getting the tickets at the entrance, the tour starts with a double decker open air bus ride which took us to the exact area of the falls which is otherwise a few kilometres away from the entrance. The Brazilian side is very compact, easy to cover in a couple of hours, not at all hectic and very enjoyable. There is only one boardwalk and it facilitates a fabulous panoramic view of the entire falls and it is quite  a sight to behold.  The boardwalk also leads to one of the highlights of the falls – the devils throat and please have your raincoats ready as you are bound to get wet if you go there. There is a food court and a couple of souvenir shops which sell beautiful poster pictures of the falls.

There are coatis ( a raccoon type animal) roaming around freely everywhere in both the Brazilian and the Argentinian side. They are attracted to the sight and smell of food and can be quite adamant in their pursue. Though it’s great to see wildlife in their natural habitat, one has to be careful of these, as they can give you rabies if they bite or scratch.


Bird park – Right beside the falls entrance is the bird park and this one is not to be missed. It is an excellent one and houses a stunning variety of vivid coloured birds. One of the best birds parks I have ever seen.

Where to eat in Foz do Iguacu ( Brazil ) – Hokila Chinese restaurant and Brasa Burger would be my pick. Try the chicken shawarma and the chicken kebab pizzas in Brasa Burger. They were awesome !!

Argentinian Side – Iguacu Falls

Iguacu Falls (Overall)