We had an overnight stop in Quito. No matter where you come from there will always be a stop in Quito or Guayaquil. Most of the times it will be an overnight stop and you will reach either of the 2 places in the evening or night and there will be a early morning flight the next day to Baltra airport in Galapagos. So it is important to choose a hotel which is close to the airport.

Right after reaching the baltra airport we paid an entry tax which is 100 usd for anyone who is 12 years above and 50 usd for children.

After we collected our luggage we boarded an airport bus ( which is free of cost) along with other passengers which took us to the Itabaca Channel which connects Baltra and Santa Cruz ( Puerto Ayora). From there we took the ferry( 1usd per person ) which took us to Santa Cruz. Luggage on this ferry are kept on the roof of the ferry. Sounds scary,  I know ! But some how miraculously the luggage does not fall off in the sea. After reaching Santa Cruz dock there will be plenty of taxis or buses to go to the main town where the hotels are located. Taxis cost around 18 usd to 20 usd and buses are far cheaper. But after a long journey the taxis would be a far convenient option with luggage. Time taken to reach Puerto Ayora from the Santa Cruz dock is around 30- 40 mins.

Taxis in Puerto Ayora charge $1 per person to go anywhere in Puerto Ayora. Generally all are within walking distance from the hotels. We had taken a taxi only to go to Charles Darwin research station.

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