Darwin’s world where wild life thrives effortlessly living their unpretentious lives. Our visit to Galapagos on a land based trip was pure unadulterated adventure. From the time we landed till the end we were awestruck by everything around us. The diverse wildlife, the untamed landscape and the thrill of being at one of the remotest parts of the world were the key ingredients for a delightful sojourn.

We went in the month of October which is supposed to be a low season but I am clueless why October is called the low season because the weather was more than perfect, very pleasant, only with the evenings turning slightly chilly. Also it is the dry season, so no hassle of rains. Wildlife was very active. Water temperature for snorkelling was just fine with a wet suite on. My son tried it without a wet suite also one day and it was still fine for him.

There are three main inhabited islands in the Galapagos namely Puerto Ayora ( capital of Santa Cruz) , Puerto Villamil ( capital of Isabela ) and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno ( capital of Galapagos located in San cristobel ). If you are going on a land based tour you will have to make either one of these islands or all of them as your base, which means you will have to book ur accommodations in these islands. Then from these islands you can make day trips to uninhabited islands of ur choice. We had made Puerto Ayora and Puerto Villamil as our base.

Few items not to forget to pack for Galapagos –
Motion sickness pills, Sun hat, Sunscreens, water proof cameras if you are a snorkeling fan,  beach slippers or waterproof rubber shoes. Crocs are very useful for beaches as wells as hikes.

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